Rotterdam, the Netherlands
5 Nisan 5776

To the Conference of European Rabbis

Dear Rabbanim,

Hereby I would like to address the following. The situation of European Jewry is dire. Assimilation is taking it’s toll on our communities on the one hand, while jihadist terror attacks are weakening the security of those that are committed to continue Jewish life in Europe.

The solution, of course, can only be found in our Holy Torah.

HaShem made a convenant with humankind. HaShem gave us the mission of being a nation of priests.

ואתם תהיו-לי ממלכת כהנים, וגוי קדוש: אלה, הדברים, אשר תדבר, אל-בני ישראל


As Rambam states, we are commanded to teach and inspire our fellow human beings, to join our task of bringing holiness to earth, Europe included.

וכן ציווה משה רבנו מפי הגבורה, לכוף את כל באי העולם לקבל כל מצוות שנצטווה נוח


Former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks writes in his book Future Tense:

The truths of Judaism were not meant for Jews alone. They were meant to inspire others. They do inspire others. … Most of all they respect the fact that Jews do not try to convert anyone. In Judaism, you don’t have to be Jewish to be good, to relate to God or to have a share in the world to come.

I therefore think, as chairman of a thriving Beth Midrash of Jews and Noahides, that we can and should save Europe and thereby ourselves by reaching out to the righteous amongst the nations. Just as many are in need of our friendship, we are also in need of their friendship.

In my humble opinion Rabbi Cherki, shlita, is doing a great job in uniting European Noahides seeking Torah and wishing to be parthers with our fate, here in Europe. I would therefore, in all humbleness as a student of Torah, suggest Rabbi Cherki to have the opportunity to attend the Conference of European Rabbis and speak about the subject of Noahides in Europe.

Berachot rabboth,
Meïr Baruch Villegas Henríquez
Chairman of Beth Midrash Ohel Abraham

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